If you have filed a consumer proposal or a bankruptcy and have obtained your discharge from bankruptcy or have received a Certificate of Full Performance for your consumer proposal, it would be wise to check your credit bureau to ensure that your bankruptcy discharge or proposal completion has been properly noted.

Your credit report can be obtained by contacting either Equifax Canada or Trans Union Canada, who are the two credit reporting agencies for Canada. (Details on how to obtain a free credit report (not your score) at the bottom of this post.)

If you find that your credit report is not properly updated, you may provide the credit bureaus with a copy of your bankruptcy discharge or certificate of full performance. Also it would be wise to review the status of the creditors who have reported on your bureau to ensure that their debt was included in your bankruptcy or consumer proposal and noted accordingly.

Generally the Trustee that handled your bankruptcy or consumer proposal will not have access to your credit report and will not be able to assist in cleaning up your report, but the Trustee can certainly provide you with any documentation pertaining to your bankruptcy or consumer proposal, that would help in correcting any errors or omissions on your credit report.

Getting a fresh start from a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal will help you to rebuild financially and will also help you on the road to a healthy credit report.


Free Credit Report for Equifax:

Download their Credit report request form and fill in the details.

From Equifax Canada on additional details required when filling in the form:

* You must provide copies of 2 pieces of government-issued identification (such as a driver’s license, health card, birth certificate or passport). If neither piece of government-issued identification shows your current home address, you must also submit a copy of an additional document that shows your address (such as a recent telephone or utilities bill, or a bank or credit card statement). You may black out transaction details on a bill or statement, as long the copy clearly shows the date of the document, the sender, your name and address, and your account number.

** Equifax will use the information you provide to confirm your identity and current home address. We will cross-reference the information you provide with our own records. If any part of your name, date of birth or address in our records is different from the information you provide, we will update our records to reflect the correct information. The information you provide to confirm your identity will not be used to update or change your financial or credit history information.

You can, although it’s not necessary, to provide your SIN #.

We will keep a copy of the information you provide to demonstrate that we complied with our obligation to obtain reasonable identification from you.

Mail or fax in your information to:

Mail: National Consumer Relations
P. O. Box 190, Station Jean-Talon
Montreal, Quebec H1S 2Z2

Fax: 514-355-8502

Equifax will send a copy of your credit report by mail to your confirmed home address. You should receive it within 5 to 10 days.

Free Credit Report from TransUnion Canada:

Visit their Consumer Disclosure page and follow the instructions that say, “download the Consumer Request form”. Just like Equifax, fill it in, and send it back.

Make sure the following info is included:

Make sure all of the following information is filled out:

* Name*
* Current address*
*Previous address (*if less than two years at current address)
*Date of birth*
* Social Insurance Number (optional, don’t include it but it may help identify you if you have a common name)
* Employment information (optional)
* Telephone number (optional)
* Signature*

*Required information

Further details on the Transunion page. Mail your request to them:

All provinces except Quebec:

TransUnion Consumer Relations Department
P.O. Box 338, LCD1
Hamilton, ON, L8L 7W2

Quebec residents
Centre De Relations Aux Consommateurs TransUnion
1 Place Laval Ouest
Suite 370
Laval, Quebec
H7N 1A1

Wait 1-2 weeks and check your report in the mail. Your score is not included but you can obtain your score for a nominal fee.